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Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is one of the major tourist destinations of the country. It receives travelers from almost all parts of the world. The time of their visit, however, depends on the climate of the city.

Honolulu climate is generally dry from April to October. The rains begin from November and continue till the month of March. Therefore, most tourists plan their tour and travel to Honolulu in the months of April, May, September and October.

You can find some good bargains on your travel during the peak seasons. The dry summer seasons in Honolulu are hot and sunny. Temperatures rarely exceed 90's°F (32°C) and hardly goes lower than the upper-50's°F (~15°C). Honolulu receives very scanty rainfall during the summer. It has an average of 98 wet days and 270 sunny days a year.

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According to the Honolulu travel guide, you must not plan your visit to the city in the extreme winter months. The tourists crowd this city during the months of April, May, September and October. You can also get discounts on your travel and lodging during this peak season. However, the airfare and lodging costs remain high from mid-December to mid-April. So, it is better that you plan your tour and travel in Honolulu and make your reservations early to avoid spending a lot.

Summers are hot and humid. You can find school kids crowding the beaches during these months. So, if you want to avoid the crowd then avoid visiting this city during this time of the year.

According to the Honolulu travel guide, tourists must also avoid the hurricane season (June to November) and during the big surf in the summer.

With the detailed weather info you can choose the perfect time for your tour and travel to Honolulu and avoid the unpleasant climatic conditions.

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