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Westin hotels are not the unknown name when it comes to best Honolulu hotels deals. From the moment the guests enter the premises of the hotel, and till the time they leave, Westin hotel management take a great care of them. Among the sky touching Honolulu hotel rates, Westin hotels offer their exclusive services at nominal prices.

Guests are usually flattered by the kind of hospitality the hotel management show. The spa and resort facilities are offered at almost all of Westin hotels, and the quality of services offered by them is premium. The hotel and its premises are so beautiful that they steal your sight, whenever you go across them. Being one of the oldest hotels in Oahu Island, the hotel management understands the needs of the guests and always strives to offer the best.

Benefits of Westin Honolulu

- Exotic swimming pools with hot water facility

- Access to high speed Internet in all the suites

- Availability of fitness center facilities which would enable you to continue your fitness regime

- Authentic Hawaiian mouth watering cuisine

- Spacious rooms with all the necessary amenities

Food served at the Westin hotels will give an opportunity to get close with Hawaiian culture. Guests can lay flat and enjoy their favorite cocktails at the grand lounge present in the premises of hotel.

The Westin hotels offer their services to the guests who are more tending towards outdoor activities. The Westin hotel management laid a huge capital on golf courses and tennis courts.

All the suites are designed such that guests can relish the wonderful views from their private balconies. The hotel management and staff will make all the arrangements to transform your conventional and yearly vacation to a dream holiday that you were wishing for since long time.

Westin Honolulu & Official Site Links

1. Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa
2365 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone: (808) 922-3111
Offcial Website:

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